Here are a few common questions and answers I have received about ordering  from Ribbon Chic:

How do I place an order?

You can place an order via phone, email or the online order form.  I also do have people come to
my house on an appointment basis to look at fabrics, ribbons etc.

Do you make everything on the website?

I wish I was Superwoman, but I am not!  I  do custom monogramming and use to make custom purses.  I found that most people have moved into adding monogramming to blanks, so most of those items I order through various vendors and embroider. Most of the jewelry and gift items are available through vendors that I have contracted with.

Do you make appointments?  How do I get my items to you?

I use to make home appointments but since I went to work, I find these to be really hard to coordinate.  I have a MAGIC box on the side of my house where you can drop off items.  I just as k that people let me know they have droppped something off, put a note with what they want (font style, thread color, initials and any instructions) and their name and contact information.

When the order is ready, I will contact you and put your items back in the bin with an invoice. 

Are all the thread, fabric and ribbons shown still available?

I have a fabric addiction as well as my other monogram problems I have!!  I am always purchasing fabrics, ribbons and threads to stay current with popular colors and styles.  Let me know an I will happily text you pictures of what I have that is popular. 

Can I pick my monogram style?

There are about 8-10 monograms styles that I typically use.  Most are shown on bags and on the Monogram pages on this site.   I have 100's of fonts and access to a ton.  Times have really changed with this!  If you aren't sure I can always text you a sample of some styles.  A lot of people will tell me they want "scripty" and will trust me to pick out a cute font.  I usually do a pretty good job of finding something cute or trying out the latest, greatest font for them!!

Can I purchase my own items for monogramming?

Sure thing!  I am all about saving some $$$.  I will let you know if I can't monogram something or have another suggestion.  I can't be responsible for mistakes on your items.  I always do my best to resolve it with you, but I may tell you NO if it is an heirloom item or something too costly to replace.

What types of payment do you accept?

I prefer cash or checks but can also accept credit cards thorugh Square or Paypal.

How do I send payment?

Payment can be sent to me.  I will share my address with you on your invoice and when you contact me for drop off.  I don't have it on the website.

How are theitems delivered?

When the items are completed we can work out either a drop-off  or pick-up.  If it needs to be shipped...those cost will be passed along to the buyer.  I have a drop-box at my house that has worked out fabulously for drop-offs and pick-ups.  I found that worked out well when I couldn't be here.

Is there a warranty on your items?

All sales are final on monogrammed  items.

If you have any other questions...feel free to email me at

Welcome to 

Welcome and thank you for visiting RibbonChic. com. 

If you are interested in placing an order, feel free to use the Contact Me or Online Order links or email me directly at  At this time, there is no e-commerce available online.  Since so many items are custom and personalized, we would rather talk to you to confirm the order and make sure we have it all together!

Please note that some of the items are custom made by us others are ordered through vendors and still other are items we keep in stock.  

Please be patient with me!  I work full-time and do this because I am addicted to all things monogramming.  I also have to balance my family with my business.   Monogramming and other items are typically a week or two  depending on volume and time of year!   As always, I appreciate everyone's continued support of my business!!!