Fabrics and Ribbons

I have always wante d to attempt to put my fabric and ribbon options on the website.  Hopefully this will give everyone an understanding of why this is not possible!  I have taken pictures of some of the more popular choices.  I  obviously have a serious fabric problem.  I am not even showing you the 8 tubs of  fabric sitting in my so-called "Sewing Room".  It is more like a fabric closet.  I even went through it all last year and purged 3 boxes of fabrics that no longer used. 

I hope that these fabric samples will give people some better choice options for mugs, shirts and purses.  I will try and add some ribbon samples soon!  As always, let me know if you have any questions!!
Black & White
Black &  Color
Black & Tans
Pink & Green
Pink & Brown
Brown & Earth tones
Brown & Blue
This is where I hide my stash in my living room!!!