Custom Monogramming
RibbonChic can help you personalize your own items.  A large part of our business is monogramming items for customers. 

Most items can be easily monogrammed.  There are some limitations if the items can not be hooped or the materials are to thick to embroider.  Just contact us and we can usually give you an idea if we can help you out.

Please NOTE: Pricing has changed effective 10/15/16

Custom monogramming ranges from $5-$20* depending on the design, item and volume.  Most items are $5 for a name or monogram.  We also have a large stock of graphic designs.  If you are looking for something in particular, just let us know.  (for example, peace sign, baseball, palm tree, team mascot)

Applique embroidery typically ranges from $10-$15*.
Applique designs incorporate fabric with the embroidery.

If you would like to have a specific graphic or design for a business or team, let us know.  We can have a .jpg or .bmp graphic digitized so that it can be turned into an embroidery design.  The costs for this can range from $20 on up depending on the design and stitch count.  These costs are typically one-time fee and the design is yours to own and use over and over.  Please consider copyrights when wanting a design digitized.

Please contact us with any questions regarding monogramming.  We either take appointments or have a drop box system where items can be left and pick-up. 

For St. Louis area customers only

Click here to see available monogram styles.

*All prices are subject to change